5 Indicators to Judge the Performance of Aluminum Doors

5 Indicators to Judge the Performance of Aluminum Doors


The performance of aluminum doors is directly related to the experience we use, and high-quality aluminum doors can ensure our safe home environment. This article will specifically introduce five indicators for judging the performance of aluminum doors.

the common types of aluminum windows

Nowadays, there are many styles of aluminum doors. Some aluminum door manufacturers cut corners in materials and structures on the market, resulting in poor performance of the aluminum doors produced, which will cause a lot of trouble during use. Then in the process of choosing aluminum doors, we need to pay attention to the following five performance indicators.


Airtightness is the ability of aluminum doors to block gas from entering the room. Generally, manufacturers have inspection reports, but these can be faked. The fixed position generally does not leak air, the location of the air leak is where the fan and the frame overlap, and we can judge by observing this. The lap position generally has an airtight tape. First of all, there are more lap positions, and the tape is larger, and the airtightness will be better. There is also the number of lap joints. Generally, the lap joints are two points on the indoor and outdoor sides, and there are some better intermediate positions, which is the so-called multi-channel seal. The more lap joints, the better the performance.

Water tightness

The main function of water tightness is to prevent water from entering the room when it rains. Water tightness is closely related to airtightness. In addition to the decisive role of the rubber strip above, it is closely related to the structure of the aluminum door.  If the water has entered, it needs to be drained and cannot seep into the room. We can see if there are any drainage holes in the aluminum doors. Adding gauze to the drainage holes can prevent mosquitoes. Aluminum doors with hidden drainage are better in this regard.

Resistance to wind pressure

In fact, it means the ability to resist wind, which involves safety issues, but it is most easily overlooked. This is related to the material structure and thickness. The thicker the material wall, the better the wind pressure resistance.

Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation performance of broken bridge doors and windows is better, mainly depending on the size of the thermal insulation strip, the larger the thermal insulation strip, the better the thermal insulation performance.

Sound insulation

In fact, sound insulation has a lot to do with airtightness, but some glass aluminum doors are 30% aluminum and 70% glass. The most direct way to use is to start with the glass. It is best to use thicker glass. If the 5mm thickness is not enough, 6mm or 8mm can be used to solve the sound insulation problem.

When we choose aluminum doors, we can use the above indicators to judge the quality of its performance and avoid buying some inferior aluminum doors, which will cause safety problems. If you want to learn more about aluminum doors after reading the above, you can contact us for a more comprehensive solution. At the same time, our aluminum doors have excellent performance and various types, which can meet your diverse needs.

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