6 benefits of aluminum windows

6 benefits of aluminum windows


The window is the unit of the building and the decorative symbol of the facade effect, and the aluminum window can more reflect the beauty of the building. This article will introduce the 6 major benefits of the aluminum window

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people have begun to focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, and they have begun to advocate energy conservation and environmental protection in all aspects. People not only advocate green and environmental protection in food, but also advocate energy saving and environmental protection in the use of windows. Just like the aluminum windows we are going to talk about today, they are not only beautiful but also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Let me focus on the advantages of aluminum windows.


1. Convenient processing and industrialization of production

The processing, production and assembly of aluminum alloy doors and windows can be carried out in the factory, which is conducive to the realization of product design standardization, serialization, generalization of parts, and product commercialization.


2. High strength

Good rigidity, sturdiness and durability, but also save a lot of space.


3. Corrosion resistance, easy to use and maintain

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are not rusty, non-fading, the surface does not need to be painted, and the maintenance cost is low.


4. Beautiful color

The surface of aluminum alloy door and window frame materials can be oxidized and colored, and can be painted into silvery white, bronze, dark red, dark gray, brown and other colors or colored patterns. It can also be coated with polyacrylic resin decorative film to make the surface bright.


5. Good sealing performance

Air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation are all good, and heat preservation and heat insulation are good.


6. Lightweight

Aluminum alloy doors and windows use low-quality materials and are light in weight. The average amount of aluminum profiles per square meter is 8-12kg, and the average steel consumption per square meter of steel doors and windows is 17-20kg.



Due to its material and structure, the life cycle of aluminum windows is much longer than that of other ordinary doors and windows. Therefore, when we install windows, why not choose more durable aluminum windows? After reading the above content, you think it is very good to choose aluminum windows, please contact us. We can not only provide you with a more comprehensive solution, but also provide you with excellent quality aluminum doors and windows.



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