4 Reasons for Water Seepage in Aluminum Windows

4 Reasons for Water Seepage in Aluminum Windows


In the process of daily use, the aluminum windows often occur the problem of water seepage, and we must find out the specific reasons. This article will specifically introduce four reasons for water seepage in aluminum windows.

the four reasons for water seepage in aluminum windows

The design area of aluminum windows is becoming larger and larger, resulting in more and more obvious rainwater leakage problems, which have a great impact on the quality of construction projects, and the economic losses caused are even more unpredictable. Therefore, when water seepage occurs in aluminum windows, we must find out the reason in time and carry out the targeted treatment. The following are the four reasons for water seepage in aluminum windows.

The design structure is flawed

It may be caused by defects in the structure of the aluminum window during the design process. The strength and rigidity of the main structure of the window failed to meet the local wind pressure resistance index requirements, such as small section and thin wall thickness, resulting in the stress members of the aluminum window, hardware fittings, seals, and bonding materials produce serious plastic deformation, tearing or damage under normal wind load, which causes the sealing of the window body to fail and cause rainwater leakage. 

The reason for this problem may be that the product failed to accurately calculate and design the strength according to the specification, and did not pass the physical function test against wind pressure before the factory installation.

Unreasonable waterproof structure design

It may be that the profile section has insufficient waterproof and sealing levels, and there are no multiple drainage channels. When rainwater enters the aluminum window and enters the indoor smart window under the action of the indoor and outdoor wind pressure difference, the rainwater entering the indoor smart window, However, it cannot be smoothly discharged outside through the aluminum window drainage system and stays in the window to cause water accumulation and leakage.

Material and accessory materials are different

If it is caused by differences in the materials and accessories used by aluminum window manufacturers, it may be that the quality of auxiliary materials such as sealant, rubber strips, and hardware accessories used in aluminum windows is substandard. For example, if the sealant is used overdue or fake glue is used, its resistance to displacement will be very poor, easy to pull and crack, the rubber strip is too hard, the anti-aging time is short, it is easy to shrink and break, and it will not be able to withstand multiple openings. This can easily lead to the problem of lax closure, which can lead to water seepage.

Production and installation fail to meet quality requirements

Failure to meet the quality requirements during the production, processing, and installation of aluminum windows may also cause water leakage. When the aluminum windows are installed on-site, the assembly size is not well controlled, causing the positions of the overlap seals to be misaligned or the overlap size to be insufficient. 

Insufficient sealing of the corner seams of the frame fan will also cause excessive pressure and gaps. The fastening screws used to fix the window frame are not blocked with glue or the surface of the sealed part is not cleaned when sealing with sealant, this will cause water seepage in the aluminum window.

If aluminum windows need to solve the problem of water seepage, on the one hand, they need to strictly follow the standards when designing and producing them, and on the other hand, they need to take waterproof measures. If you want to learn more about aluminum windows after reading the above content, you can contact us for a more comprehensive solution.

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