6 Tips for Maintaining Aluminum Sliding Windows

6 Tips for Maintaining Aluminum Sliding Windows


Only the correct maintenance of aluminum sliding windows can prevent damage to their quality and extend their service life. Today, let’s talk about the tips for maintaining aluminum sliding windows.

the tips for maintaining aluminum sliding windows
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the practicality and aesthetics of doors and windows decoration. Aluminum sliding windows have become the first choice for many modern families because of their simple and elegant appearance and excellent performance.

Although aluminum sliding window products have outstanding performance advantages, they also need to be maintained in a certain way during normal use in order to avoid the quality of aluminum sliding windows as much as possible, thereby extending the service life of aluminum sliding windows. The followings are the tips for maintaining aluminum sliding windows.

1. When cleaning the glass, frame, window sash and other parts, you can use a soft cloth dampened with water or neutral detergent. Do not use ordinary soap and washing powder, let alone clean with strong acid and alkali such as decontamination powder and toilet detergent. This will corrode the surface of the profile.

2. Use soft fur or vacuum cleaner to clean up if it causes adverse effects at regular intervals. After a rainy day, wet glasses and window frames should be wiped dry in time.

3. When cleaning aluminum sliding windows, do not step on the window frame or pull the window frame as a support. It is easy to wear the windows and cause accidents.

4. Every three months, the hardware components of the sliding window should be inspected, the bolts should be tightened in time, and the damaged parts should be replaced. The vulnerable parts of aluminum windows, such as positioning shaft pins, wind braces, and floor springs, should be checked frequently and lubricated regularly to keep them clean and flexible.

Sealing strips and glass glues are the key structures to ensure the sealing and heat preservation of aluminum doors and windows. If they fall off, they should be repaired and replaced in time.

5. If the sliding window is rusty due to oxidation, use a knife to gently scrape off the aluminum rust, then wash it with soapy water and dry it with a dry cloth. After waxing and polishing with a dry cloth, it will be as smooth as new. Lubricating oil can be used to lubricate the hardware, slide rails and other parts every six months.

After dripping the lubricating oil, it is repeatedly opened and closed 3 to 5 times to ensure thorough lubrication and increase the flexibility and service life of the rotating parts of the hardware.

6. When the sliding window is in use, the action should be light and the sliding should be natural. Do not pull or push when you find it difficult, you should eliminate the fault first.

Dust accumulation and deformation are the main reasons why aluminum windows are difficult to push and pull, so it is necessary to clean the window frame as soon as possible. Especially the sliding groove is especially necessary, and a vacuum cleaner can be used to suck the dust in the sliding groove.

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